Diploma Project |2008|
Master's degree in Fine Arts
at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA) University of Balamand.

Subjected to their own image.
Women are intentionally manipulated and  distorted by the phenomenon of fashion which is characterized by constant and progressive change due to media exposure.
They are portrayed as vulnerable, sensitive, passive and submissive, always ready to transform, adapt and even disappear.

This raises questions about the role of fashion in today's society.
The passage reflects on the relationship between women and fashion as well as societal expectations. It suggests that women are often subjected not only to the influence and control of men and societal norms but also to their own self-image and the pressures imposed by the fashion industry.

This project was featured in the "Hopes & Doubts" exhibition in 2008, which brought together the works of Lebanese and Italian artists. The exhibition was organized by the Italian Cultural Institute in Beirut and the Merz Foundation in Turin.

The "Hopes & Doubts" project, curated by Constantino d'Orazio, brought together 8 Lebanese artists and 8 Italian artists in the same exhibition at the Dome City Center in Beirut.
Afterwards, it was presented at the Merz Foundation in Turin, providing international visibility to emerging talents from the Lebanese art scene.

A serie of 10 portraits printed on cotton paper | dim; 100 cm x 100 cm