Johanne Issa obtained her bachelor's degree in Film Studies in 2005.
In 2008, she completed her master's degree in Visual Arts, Photography and Video Art at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA).

In her practice, she uses photography, painting,
and ceramics.

Johanne is also the art director of the winery Domaine des Tourelles, a venture that has been ongoing for over ten years.


I explore and question the complex relationship we have with our inner thoughts and how they transform and distort to become an image.
We live in a world where ideas and thoughts are omnipresent, yet often fleeting and elusive.
My goal is to capture this ephemeral essence and visually translate it by creating works that reflect the depth and complexity of our inner world.

My artistic process is imbued with a fascination for how thought materializes and transforms into an image. A simple thought can evolve, twist, and metamorphose into an image, while an image can also evoke deep thoughts and emotions.
I explore this inevitable encounter between thought and image, seeking to understand how they interact and mutually nourish each other.

The notion of distortion is also central in my work.
I am fascinated by how our thoughts can be filtered, altered, or distorted before materializing into images. External influences, personal experiences, and biases can all play a role in this distortion, creating a subjective and unique reality for each individual. I strive to represent this complexity through my artworks, exploring the multiple facets of transforming thought into image.